Best Inversion Table Reviews

After years of nagging lower back pain, I finally gave in and tried one of my best friend’s inversion tables that he had set up in his workout room.  Let’s face it none of us plan to have back pain, but it is something that just creeps up on us.   For those of you who have ever felt this discomfort, it can totally dominate your life.  With this being said, there is help out there.


Reviews of Our Top 10 Inversion Tables


There are a few options for those with this type of pain, but most of them involve dealing with a medical doctor or chiropractic of some kind.  For those of you who want to go an alternative route, purchasing an inversion table is one of the best things that you can do.

My name is Alex Webb and I am the owner and operator of this website.   While working as a physical therapist/ personal trainer I have worked with some of the best tables on the market.

The inversion table reviews guide that is listed below will not only describe each of my picks for the best tables on today’s market, but it was created as an interactive chart so that the user can sort columns based on their specific need. The columns are listed below

1. Picture-  Picture of the actual Inversion Table being reviewed.

2. Model-  The name and model # of the table.

3. Capacity-  How large of an individual can use this machine, based in United States lbs.

4. Price-  Current price rated with $ symbols-  $ Under $150,  $$  $150-$300,  $$$ $300 and above.

5.  Reviews-  Current Amazon customer review ranking out of 5.

Interactive Guide for Finding the Best Inversion Tables


Capacity (lbs.)
Best Fitness BFINVER10300$4.4
Body Max Gravity Inversion System250$4.3
Body Power IT9915 300$$4.0
EmerDeluxe Foldable Gravity Table300$4.5
Health Mark Pro Max 600$$$5.0
Ironman IFT1000350$$4.5
Ironman IFT4000350$$$4.6
Stamina InLine Inversion System250$$4.4
Teeter Hang Ups EP-550300$$$4.7
Teeter Hang Ups EP-950300$$$4.8

The Inversion Tables above are just a few of the many that are currently available on today’s marketplace. While the most popular inversion tables of 2013 continue to be Ironman and Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables, there are several other brands that are also very solid.  The main thing that we like to stress about any of these machines is that different brands will serve different needs for an individual.  One person might use a specific model for lower back pain, while another may use one for strengthening their core muscles.  It all depends on the individual and what their needs are for their body.  One thing that is important before buying a machine is to get a review from a variety of owners.  Clicking on the tab above will lead you to the Amazon page that has reviews from hundreds of buyers, all without getting some type of sales pitch on the item.  The great thing that we like to do is try out an inversion unit on our own, giving a review and then leading our readers to different reviews on the same subject.


Choosing the Best Inversion Table for Your Needs

We like to break down what we are looking for in an inversion table in a few different categories.  While this list could be much more exhaustive, these are the three things that I recommend a buyer to look for when making a decision about buying an inversion table for their home.

Price:  While we would all like to get the best inversion table possible, some of us just don’t have the budget to buy the most expensive inversion models on the market.  With that said, one can still buy the best model in their particular price range if they do the right research.  Some of the most popular Teeter Hang Ups machines on today’s market, such as the Teeter Hang Ups  Power XL table will run your in excess of $4,000, but one can find a similar model that they can buy for around $1,000.

Need:  Just like not all people are built the same, all of us might not get the same benefits from the same inversion table.  Think of how different we look on the outside and then imagine each of us on the inside.   Our bone structure, muscle mass and injury history are just a few of the many things that contribute to our body style.  A typical $200 table might works wonders for a 25 year old with some lower back pain, but may not be sturdy enough for the 55 year old who is slightly overweight and has slouching problems.   This is why it is necessary to try out a few models before making a purchase.

Quality:  Let’s face it nine times out of ten you pay what you get for when it comes to exercise machines.   We have all bought a low priced treadmill or exercise bike that soon became part of our closet because it was nothing compared to the one at the local gym.  This is also true with tables as it is a necessity to do a thorough research on inversion table reviews before making a purchase.  While many local retailers do not have inversion tables to try out, taking other people’s reviews and making an educated decision is probably the best option when it comes to purchasing a unit.


Our Picks for Top 5 Inversion Tables 2013

 In all honesty, any of the tables above has made the cut when it comes to units that we would purchase.   But this being a review site, it is important to give our readers the best models that we have personally tested.  As part of a personal training team, we have all used our knowledge of sports medicine and exercise to do a thorough review of each of the tables we have tested.  What we try to do is get clients of genders, different ages and different weights to try these models and then fill out a questionnaire on their thoughts and feelings about each table.  We have found this to be the best way to gear our inversion table review system as many of us trainers are biased to the specific table that we use for our personal use.  With that being said, here are your top 5 tables for 2013.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups 950

Our choice for the #1 Inversion Table is the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950.  Not only is this our pick as trainers, but it is also an overwhelmingly favorite choice among our clients of all ages.  In fact many clients who try this inversion table out will not even want to try another as they love the feel of the Teeter Hang Ups 950.

The one thing that our clients rave about is how they don’t have to use painkillers or constant heat on their lower back at night after a few weeks of using the Teeter Hang Ups.  This model is especially popular for our middle aged 35-60 clients that have new lower back problems, pinched nerves and arthritis.  Many users of the Teeter, not only use it daily, but have recommended it to their family and friends because it has become a necessity in their day to day life.  With a weight limit of 300 lbs. and very durable this is our choice for the #1 inversion table on the market today.


Ironman Infrared Therapy IFT4000 Inversion Table

Ironman Infrared 4000

Coming a close second to the Teeters Hang Ups 950 is the Ironman Infrared Therapy IFT4000 Inversion table.  The one thing that separates this model from many of the others is the infrared technology.  With a large heated cushion area this is a favorite among our older clients 55+ as they love the sensation of their back being warm as the inversion table stretches the back, hip and abdomen areas.  One thing that many clients often complained of with other models is that it took forever for them to loosen up and feel the power of their inversion table.  Some of our clients would use the sauna area or whirlpool before trying out one of our tables With the Ironman Infrared Inversion Table there is no need to warm up as the table does all the heating for you.

With an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 via Amazon reviews, this model is one of the most popular newer style tables on the market today.  Besides the infrared technology that heats the body, many people that have tried the Ironman table rave about the sturdiness, feel and stretch that they get in their whole body.  Like the Teeters review above, this model gets a ton of quality feedback for those who are suffering from arthritis and frequent back issues.  One of our favorite clients, Ted who is 86 years old, calls this item his “hot chair” and raves about how he feels like he’s 50 again after just a few sessions on this model.


Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

Health Mark Pro Max

Out of all of the inversion tables that we review, the Health Mark Pro Max might be the favorite among our 30-55 year old demographic.  The only reason that this heavy duty machine gets a lower rating than the Teeters Hang Ups E-950 and the Ironman Infrared IFT4000 tables is that it is higher priced. With this being said the Health Mark Inversion table is just as good as the other two models in every other category that we judge.

As far as quality goes this thing is “bomb proof” as one Amazon review said and it is heavy duty enough to be used by the largest of men.  With a capacity of 600 lbs. this is something that can basically hold any human and even some larger primates.   One thing that many of our clients complain about from some of the lower end model is that they fear breaking the machine because it is not sturdy enough.  This fear can play a huge role in someone’s thought process when they are deciding whether are not they want to purchase the best inversion table that they can for the money.  Overall I would give this model 10 out of 10 in performance, quality and customer satisfaction and just ding it a little bit due to the high cost compared to other models.   For those of you who have an extra $700-$1,000 to invest or who are experiencing pain that they cannot overcome, I would definitely pick this model as my #1 option.

Ironman IFT1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Ironman Infrared 1000

Much like the Ironman Infrared 4000 the Ironman Infrared 1000 makes our list at #4 for our favorite inversion tables for 2013.  This model gets much the same admiration as the IFT 4000 but comes with a lower price tag.  With that price tag comes quality though as this model is a few steps down on overall quality than the more expensive and durable Ironman IFT 4000.

When assessing this model I think that this model best fits a younger crowd looking for the inversion table benefits without the high price tag.   While many older people prefer the heavy duty Infrared inversion machine, this is better for those who have more infrequent back pain and just need something a couple times a week.  College students, young adults and pretty much anyone under 30 that lifts weights, does yoga or is a runner could benefit from a follow up session with this model and a low price tag.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups 550

The final model in our choice of best inversion table reviews is the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560.  Just like the Ironman inversion tables that we reviewed this is similar to the EP-950 without the durability and extras.  We like to call this the executive model, because one of our favorite clients has this in his office at work and does a session every lunch hour.  He says that his Teeter Hang Ups inversion machine invigorates him and helps him through the day.

We like this model because of its portability and its use among young clients that we have.  At a price tag of a hundred dollars are less than the EP-950 table we feel that this apparatus has many of the same qualities of the larger model, without the higher price tag.  If I had to choose between the two Teeter Hang ups tables I would only give a slight edge to the EP-950 because I am older and feel that it better suits the 30-55 year old crowd more than this lightweight model.  Overall I think that either of them would be just fine if you are someone that has frequent torso pain, back problems or just needs to relax.

These are our current top 5 inversion tables 2013.  As we try more and more tables in the coming future, this list may change.  Overall our goal is to give the best inversion table reviews based on users experience rather than our own personal thoughts and feelings.  This is one reason we add an easy clickable button above so that our readers can refer to many more reviews on a specific model from owners.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy our site.